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Over the past three decades, the professionals at NH Architecture have partnered with business owners and developers from a wide range of industry.  Our portfolio encompasses everything from retail establishments and restaurants, to medical centers and multi-national hotel chains.  Learn more about the many industries we specialize in by clicking any of the thumbnails below.


We’re proud to offer a diverse selection of award-winning commercial architect services to businesses of every size and industry, discover what sets NH Architecture apart.

Historic Renovation

Whether it’s restoring your Victorian hotel or completely renovating an older or outdated office complex, there’s nothing our team of experienced NY architects can’t achieve.


Imparting a modern look is essential when it comes to the success and appeal of todays’ hotels, NH Architecture excels when it comes to resort & hotel design and development.


Industrial architecture entails construction and safety considerations that are unique to the industry, learn why we’re a smart choice for industrial structure design.

Medical Offices

Whether it’s a small private practice or a cutting-edge medical facility, NH Architecture has extensive experience in the field of medical center architect design services.

Multi Family

For over 30 years our founder and team have planned and designed some of the area’s most popular and recognizable apartment complexes, townhomes and condominiums.


Whether you’re renovating, building the home of your dreams, or expanding your living space, the experts at NH Architecture have the experience and insight to bring your vision to life.


Some of our most esteemed work over the years has involved extensive architectural design and planning services for restaurants and fine dining, learn more and get inspired.

Senior Living

When it comes to the design and architecture of senior living centers, our entire staff is committed to creating an environment rooted in comfort, safety and efficiency.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing NH Architecture for your upcoming construction or renovation project, or to schedule a time to meet with one of our architects, get in touch by calling 585-225-4310.  You can also send us an email through our website’s contact page.

To learn more about our services, our team, or our unique approach to architecture design, get in touch with NH Architects in Rochester by calling 585-225-4310 or by writing to us through our site’s secure contact page.

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