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Regardless of whether it’s your home, your investment property or your place of work, making the decision to restore a historic building is something that can benefit immensely when partnering with the right architect.  At NH Architecture in Rochester NY, our award-winning portfolio includes a wide range of historic renovation projects.  From room expansions to reconstruction of damaged structures, we can help guide and manage the process to ensure a timely completion at or under budget.

Here are just a few of the ways in which our team of skilled architects and designers can make your vintage renovation a breathtaking success.

  • Matching design and styles to recreate the original charm of your structure
  • Working closely with contractors to ensure superior artistry and craftsmanship
  • Assistance with estimating, billing, zoning permits and sourcing of rare materials
  • Generation of detailed sketches, CAD designs and realistic 3D models
  • Partnering with landscape architects, pool installers and other exterior experts
  • Overseeing accuracy and efficiency during each phase of design and construction

Discover the Difference an Award Winning Architect Can Make

Considering how challenging it can be to obtain the original plans used to construct many older and historic buildings, it’s important to work with an architect who’s experienced and familiar with the era.  Whether you’re looking to modernize or restore to original condition, we’ll work with you along the way to ensure it’s a complete success.

To schedule a time to meet with one of our architects or learn more about how we can help enhance the process, call NH Architecture in Rochester NY at 585-225-4310.  You can also send your inquiries to our staff by email through our secure contact page.

To learn more about our services, our team, or our unique approach to architecture design, get in touch with NH Architects in Rochester by calling 585-225-4310 or by writing to us through our site’s secure contact page.

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