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The architectural planning and design of a medical center or large healthcare facility is unmatched in its scope, with no room for error and even less room for lackluster planning.  Every aspect must be meticulously thought out; from the uniqueness and stability of its exterior, to the comfort, flow and welcoming nature of its interior. Rushing the process is a recipe for a disaster waiting to unfold, and only the most experienced commercial architects should be considered for work on such a comprehensive scale.

At NH Architecture in Rochester we understand what a monumental undertaking this can be and, as evidenced by over three decades of success, we have the experience and wide-ranging expertise to ensure that each phase of the project is completed on-time and to perfection.

  • Architecture design services for medical and healthcare facilities
  • Services include land assessment, site planning, architectural design & more
  • Specializing in the design of hospitals, rehabilitation centers & urgent care
  • We’ve designed healthcare facilities in NY and across the greater east coat
  • Interior and exterior design, space planning, and construction administration
  • Remodeling and renovation planning for existing health & medical buildings

Call New York's Most Trusted Healthcare Facility Architects

If you’ve been tasked with overseeing the development or construction of a new medical facility, having the right commercial architect on your side can be of immeasurable value in both the short and long term.  For over 30 years the professionals at NH Architecture in Rochester have been helping healthcare facility developers streamline the process, while ensuring that not a single detail goes overlooked.

For information on the various architectural planning and design services we offer, or to learn more about our philosophy, approach or past completed projects, give us a call at 585-225-4310 to get started.  You can also contact our Rochester NY architects by email through our contact page.

To learn more about our services, our team, or our unique approach to architecture design, get in touch with NH Architects in Rochester by calling 585-225-4310 or by writing to us through our site’s secure contact page.

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