An architect with superior facility planning skills isn’t simply thinking about the day your doors open; they’re equally focused on the day you break ground, the day your staff arrives, and the potential for expansion as your organization evolves.  Over the past 30 years we at NH Architecture have learned first-hand how to anticipate the unexpected, while implementing solutions that make each aspect of development as efficient, safe and cost-effective as possible.

As one of the area’s most talented and well-established architectural firms, we take great pride in offering facility planning and analysis services to ensure the success of your project.

  • Providing an in-depth analysis of space requirements and realistic utilization
  • Optimizing your facility design plans for immediate usage and long-term expansion
  • Estimating costs and developing budgets based on your specified needs
  • Overseeing the flow, accuracy and timeliness of all lease documents and forms
  • Adherence to all relative zoning requirements and permit applications
  • Evaluating safety protocol throughout planning, construction and completion

Where Long Term Vision Meets Architectural Excellence

At NH Architecture in Rochester NY, we learned long ago that there’s more to your success than merely CAD designs and blueprints. The success, safety and functionality of your new building requires the expertise of those who understand and appreciate the importance of facilities planning.  Our staff and architects are dedicated to ensuring that not a single detail has been overlooked, while working closely with your team to maximize space and reduce cost.

For more detailed information on our Rochester NY facilities planning services, get in touch with one of our staff by calling 585-225-4310 or writing to us through our contact page.

To learn more about our services, our team, or our unique approach to architecture design, get in touch with NH Architects in Rochester by calling 585-225-4310 or by writing to us through our site’s secure contact page.

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