The land upon which you build your new facility is just as important as the new building itself.  Moreover, this is an area which requires the keen insight of a vastly experienced architectural firm.  An enormous amount of planning and pre-construction research needs to be conducted before the first nail is driven.  At NH Architecture we’re known for our in-depth land and site analysis services, with an entire team dedicated to ensuring that not a single detail has gone overlooked.

Regardless of where you’re at in the planning process, we can assist with a wide range of architectural site planning and location research services, including:

  • Identification and evaluation of potential land options for your new facility
  • Superior site planning services for both commercial and residential builds
  • Addressing environmental concerns, potential conflicts and sustainability issues
  • Expert consultation on zoning regulations, permit applications and leasing info
  • Partnering with land surveyors to ensure immediate and long-term safety
  • Anticipating future needs such as growth, expansion and surrounding development
  • Pre-construction planning, ongoing communication with contractors and vendors

Professional Site Planning Services from a Trusted NY Architect

There’s absolutely no room for error when it comes to choosing the site of your new home or commercial facility, and for over three decades, NH Architecture has been working hard to provide our clients with the confidence and peace of mind they deserve.

To learn more about why so many others continue to trust our expert knowledge of site planning and land assessment, give us a call at 585-225-4310 or email our team through our secure contact page.

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